Upholstery Supplies - Sinuous Springs/Zigzag (zig zag) Spring and Clips
Sold in 10-foot lengths (springs) and by the piece (clips)

These strong metal clips will hold your springs firmly into place when affixed with no-sag nails and hammered shut. They will hold either spring firmness (firm or stiff) for seats and backs.

These clips allow quick and easy installation of sinuous/zigzag (zig zag)/no-sag springs. Use with no-sag nails and install on top of the frame every few inches apart from front-to-back or top-to-bottom on the seat, back, or ottoman. Each row of spring requires two clips.

Be sure to nail clips down shut to insure the springs will stay put. Be sure to also bend cut-ends of springs as instructed in upholstery guides/books. It is recommended to order a couple extra clips than actually needed in case you need to move or re-install a spring.

Important note: Price is by the clip, so when purchasing, (from the shopping cart) type the number of clips needed into the quantity box and click "Update Quantities."

Always use extreme caution and wear eye protection when installing these springs.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

Upholstery Supplies - Sinuous Springs/Zigzag (zig zag) Spring Clips