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Welcome to the upholstery section, where you can purchase the finest quality upholstery tools, upholstery supplies, fabrics and embellishments for all your upholstery, woodcare and interior design needs.

Our upholstery tools and upholstery supplies - from hammers to webbing, to cambric, to fancy decorative nails and everything in between - can be purchased in small quantities at very competitive prices. If you have any questions, send us an email. Please put the nature of your inquiry in the subject line. We receive a tremendous amount of SPAM and would not want to accidentally erase your message because your email looks like SPAM!

Happy upholstering!


Upholstery Tools, Kits, and MoreUpholstery Tools, Kits, and More

In this section, you'll find all kinds of tools (from shears and tools, to air-driven staple guns, to grommet makers) for experts and newbies.

Upholstery Supplies For All Your NeedsUpholstery Supplies For All Your Needs

From webbing, to springs, to cambric, and everything in between, we've got (just about) all you need to upholster any project from start to finish!

BeA Staple Guns BeA StaplersBeA Staple Guns BeA Staplers

Fine wire BeA staple guns and BeA staplers - the choice of professional upholsterers around the world.

Decorative Nails - Finishing Upholstery Nails Tacks Clavos Buttons - Upholstery SuppliesDecorative Nails - Finishing Upholstery Nails Tacks Clavos Buttons - Upholstery Supplies

Wiss Scissors  - Upholstery Tools/Dress Making ToolsWiss Scissors - Upholstery Tools/Dress Making Tools

The finest quality shears, scissors and Quickclips on the market for right and left hands.

Hoover Pres-n-Snap with 6 dies - Upholstery Tools and SuppliesHoover Pres-n-Snap with 6 dies - Upholstery Tools and Supplies

Easily installs snaps and grommets - punches and assembles at once. Kit comes with five different dies.

Feather Down Pillow Forms - Upholstery SuppliesFeather Down Pillow Forms - Upholstery Supplies

C.S. Osborne Button Machine - Upholstery Tools and SuppliesC.S. Osborne Button Machine - Upholstery Tools and Supplies
The ultimate button maker for the Upholsterer and Hobbyist
  • Create elegant, professional-quality fabric covered buttons
  • Made by the leading manufacturer of industrial-strength button machines

  • Button Covering DiesButton Covering Dies
    These dies enjoy a well-deserved reputation as the finest button covering dies available. Precision-machined from high-grade steel, polished, nickel plated, tested, and polished again. Each die set comes with the two-part die, fabric cutter, and dowel.

    Upholstery Buttons and Button DiesUpholstery Buttons and Button Dies
    The choice of professionals; made of the highest quality metals, and zinc-plated backs for rust resistance. Ideal for clothing and home, auto, and marine upholstery.

    Upholstery FabricsUpholstery Fabrics

    Upholstery, Fabric and Furniture Care

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