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The Best Staple Puller On the Market

The "must have" tool for the Upholsterer, Furniture Maker, and Hobbyist

  • Top quality tool: made of finest quality heat-treated alloyed steel

  • How often have you struggled to remove staples, only to have the staple break or at worse, destroy your project from digging out a stubborn staple with a tool that doesn't work well? Now you can have the tool preferred by the professionals who use this ingeniously designed tool because it works so well.

    So simple to use:

    • This one tool removes staples of all sizes with a simple twist of your wrist
    • Unique patented design pulls staples quickly with maximum protection to your upholstery materials
    • Two slotted (approx 1/8" wide) chisel tips at the end allow you to easily lift/pry the staple in the middle
    • The slots grab the stable so you can twist it out in one easy motion
    • Last for years - made of 4140 alloyed, heat-treated steel
    • A "must have" tool for every furniture manufacturer, upholster and hobbyist
    • Those who own this tool use it exclusively
    Perfect for:
    • All types of upholstery auto, furniture and marine even recovering pool tables
    • Furniture restorers/repairers/manufacturers
    • Wood workers and wood hobbyists
    • Leather workers
    • General arts and crafts
    • Anything that requires removing embedded staples

    You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.


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    Berry's Staple Puller - Best on the Market - Upholstery Tools
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