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Upholstery Supplies - 4-Ply, Wax-coated Upholstery Ruby Spring Twine

Upholstery spring twine is used to tie down seat springs, and also serves as excellent cording for single and double welts. The twine is made of 4-ply hemp and has a wax finish.

This is the finest quality twine on the market. It pays to purchase the best twine available because it is under constant strain and a poor grade of twine will not hold. The best quality twine, if properly used and tied, will last as long as the upholstery job.

4-Ply hemp Ruby Spring Twine

  • The finest quality twine on the market
  • Wax finish for easy tying
  • This fine-quality twine can also be used to create welting (used for the cord in the middle of the welt)
  • Also excellent for double welting!
  • One pound ball of twine, which equates to approximately 275 feet, or 91+ yards
  • Made in Italy

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

Upholstery Twine - Ruby Spring Twine