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Upholstery Seat Springs

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The function of springs in upholstered furniture is to absorb shock and give added resilience to the seat. Upholstery springs are classified according to their usage, firmness, shape and end of coil. They are selected to suit the use, the load they are to carry, and the depth of the frame in which they will be placed.

Seat springs are made of heavy 9 to 11-gauge wire and come in three firmnesses: soft, medium/regular, and hard. The most commonly used and preferred firmness is medium/ regular, which is what we carry. All springs on this website are medium/regular unless noted.

Seat springs range in height from 4" (#00) to 14"(#6), however, it is strongly recommended to not use springs any larger than #4 (10") as anything taller than a #4 spring has the tendency to wobble and fall over due to their height.

We carry the most commonly used spring sizes: #0 (5-5/8"), #1 (7-1/2"), and #2 (9-1/4"). These sizes will work for chairs, ottomans, love seats, settees, couches, etc.

Upholstery Springs - Coil

#0 Regular/Medium Upholstery Springs (approx. 5 1/2" Tall) - Priced by the Spring
#1 Regular/Medium Upholstery Springs (approx. 7 1/2" Tall) - Priced by the Spring
#2 Regular/Medium Upholstery Springs (approx. 9 1/4" Tall) - Priced by the Spring