Upholstery Supplies - Pirelli Rubber Webbing - 2" wide
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Pirelli Rubber Webbing - Upholstery Supplies

Rubber Webbing Clips - Upholstery SuppliesRubber Webbing Clips - Upholstery Supplies

Use these heavy metal clips to fasten rubber webbing to the frame (like with Morris chairs and Mission-style chairs). These clips are made to accommodate two-inch wide rubber webbing.

You'll need two clips for each strap or strip of webbing. Measure and cut off the length of webbing that you need (be sure to accommodate for any stretching that occurs within the webbing itself). Typically the webbing can be installed by attaching the metal clip to the frame and then inserting the rubber webbing into the clip. Pull the webbing slightly so that the teeth (on the clip) can grab the webbing. Then firmly nail or screw the clip closed.

It is recommened to attach the webbing to the front chair rail first and then once secured/clip is closed, stretch the webbing the back rail and affix to the clip. Be sure to securely close the clip on the back rail before moving on to the next strip/stage of upholstery. By installing on the front rail first, this protects the wood surface from any marks that might occur when affixing/stretching the webbing.

Important note:
Price is by the running foot, so when purchasing, (from the shopping cart) type the number of feet needed into the quantity box and click "Update Quantities."

All rubber webbing is cut-to-order and is non-returnable unless defective. Clicking on the "add to cart" button below acknowledges acceptance of non-returnable terms.

Rubber Webbing Clips - Upholstery Supplies