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For easy and even spacing


A must-have tool for all your decorative nail projects!

Evenly spacing and affixing decorative nails has never been easier with this handy tool.

Osborne Quick Nailer:

  • Quality backed by Osborne, the leading manufacturer of upholstery tools since 1826
  • Set up to five nails head-to-head without damazing the furniture or your fingers!
  • Exact spacing every time
    So easy to use:
  • Load large end of tool with nails, making sure shanks are flsuh with base of tool
  • Position tunneled section of tool over last nail installed and begin setting nails
  • Removal of tool may require twisint motions and/or pressure against nail heads
  • Use with Osborne's Nylon Tip hammer so that nail is not damaged when applying (see below to order)
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    Quick Nailer - Upholstery Tools