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Decorative upholstery nails/clavos have traditionally been used to beautify and accent furniture pieces, and now they are becoming the hottest embellishments in the interior design world! High-end designers and home builders are using these nails to accent and beautify walls, doors, cabinets, hoods, backslashes - all throughout the home.

Our decorative nails/clavos add a professional, beautiful, finishing touch to so many projects: furniture, benches, picture frames, doors, boxes, etc. Let your creative juices flow and be inspired!

All nails are made by DADS

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of Nail Head
Length of
Nail Shaft
Estimated Nail Height
Head Itself*
(estimated in 16th's)
Sample Card
5/8 "
Red - Row 5

*All measurements and colors are close estimates only as there can be a slight variance from the information listed above. Read below for more information on this point.

Nail details:

  • Oxford Rosette (100/Box)
  • Made in Germany of the highest quality steel
  • Plated, using either brass, nickel or copper
  • Can be wiped clean with a dry, soft cloth. Do not roughly rub the nails or use any abrasive cleaners or polishing creams/products as the plating can come off thus make the nails vulnerable to rust
  • Important note: Nails will rust if left exposed to moisture and weather elements, so they are not appropriate for outdoor use or in environments where there is exposure to water and/or moisture
  • Nails are sold only in the quantities listed per box. However, there are some nails in our collection that we sell by the piece or in small quantities through our eBay store. Visit this store to see if the nail you wish to purchase is available in small quantities or by the piece.
  • Most nails are in stock and will ship within 3 - 4 business days of receiving order. Please note that we are very fair with shipping, so if the shipping amount determined by the website is over calculated, we will credit back the difference when we ship. If a credit is due, you will see the adjustment only in your shipping status email (sent once the package is shipped; please note you not see the adjustment when you initially place the order or in your order confirmation). If no adjustment was made, then the shipping amount was accurately calculated when you initially placed your order.
  • Expedited shipping is available; extra shipping charges may apply. Please note in the comments section of the check out process if you require expedited shipping.
  • As noted above, the nails may have a slight variance of color and size from what is described/displayed above. Note that the colors displayed on the computer may differ between monitors. We have taken the utmost care to describe the product as best we can; however, please note that colors and sizes are representative only and the final product may differ slightly from the description above.
  • See return policy below
Measurement Reference

1/16" = .0625
1/8" = .125
3/16" = .188
1/4" = .25
5/16" = .313
3/8" = .375
7/16" = .438
1/2" = .5
9/16" = .563
5/8" = .625
11/16" = .688
3/4" = .75
13/16" = .813
7/8" = .875
15/16" = .938

All photos are representative colors and shapes only and may vary slightly from actual nails. If you are not sure, email or call us at 415.738.8601 with detailed questions for clarification. It's better to ask, because there is a 30% restocking fee for all nail returns and shipping to and from is not reimbursed. Clicking on the "Add to Cart" button below acknowledges acceptance of restocking fee.

Return Policy:

Returns will be accepted only if returned in full quantity and in brand new, re-sellable condition. Only the price of the nails will be refunded; shipping charges to and from will not be reimbursed. As there is a 30% restocking fee and we cannot refund any shipping charges to and from, be sure to order carefully. Clicking on the "add to cart" button acknowledges acceptance of the restocking fee for all returns.

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