The Original "MicroBuddy" ("Micro Buddy") Microwave Steamer 
9-Piece Microwave Steamer Cooking Set
***As Seen On TV!***

Want to save money? Purchase by the case - great for stocking up on gifts, or order with your friends and family and save money per unit! See below for details.

  • Turn your microwave oven into a super-moisturizing, ultra-efficient heat circulating machine.

  • Don't you wish you can take the speed and convenience of your microwave and cook "real" meals with it? Discover the true power and versatility of your microwave oven with the MicroBuddy ("Micro Buddy") – delicious meals cooked to perfection in only minutes – without that typical "nuked" microwave flavor or texture.

    The secret is The MicroBuddy's ("Micro Buddy") ability to shorten cooking times with super moist heat circulation. Shorter cooking times enhance texture, taste, and the appearance of everything you prepare. The heat concentration of microwave cooking seals foods and traps in vitamins and flavors: the results? Delicious, super-moist foods without losing anything to overcooking.

    This 9-piece set comes in medium round, large square, and extra-large square to suit all your cooking needs. Also included is a step-by-step recipe and instruction booklet – including how to bake a scrumptiously moist chocolate cake in only five minutes.

    So simple to use:

    • Simply place your food on the steaming rack…
    • Add your favorite liquid - wine, broth, etc. - cook as directed
    • A scrumptious three-course Lobster-tail dinner, steamed to perfection in wine and herbs in only 7 minutes
    • Moist and juicy teriyaki chicken with a medley of fresh vegetables in only 7 minutes
    • Deliciously moist salmon steak with fresh asparagus and carrots in 7 short minutes
    • Easy clean-up: all pieces dishwasher-safe
    • Be creative! Steam food with your favorite cooking liquids – wine, broth, sauces, etc. - and let The MicroBuddy ("Micro Buddy") do the work!
    PERFECT for:
    • Motor homes, boats and RV’s
      Why spend lots of time cooking and cleaning up when you’re out having fun!
    • Ultra-quick, healthy, nutritious meals for those on the run
      Why eat fast-food or at restaurants when delicious meals are so quick and easy!
    • Anyone who doesn't like to cook – this is so easy and cooks ultra-delicious meals!
    • One "pan" cooking – no need to dirty a slew of pots and pans to cook a full meal
    • Snacks and every meal, including desserts

    Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

    The Original MicroBuddy Microwave Steamer ("Micro Buddy"): Your best friend in the kitchen

    The Original MicroBuddy By the Case - 6 units
    Buy a case and save money
    Stock up - Great for gifts!
    Or combine purchases with your friends
    and family and get a great price on your own unit

    Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

    The Original MicroBuddy By the Case - 6 units