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Two inch brown elastic webbing
Sold by the Running Foot

Elastic webbing is excellent for high traffic area seating and automotive webbing applications. When applied, it creates a taut surface, yet it has enough give to provide a comfortable, no sagging, flat-surfaced seat. Elastic webbing is used especially in automotive applications and also for many types of furniture, mainly those that required a flat surface (i.e. dining chairs, rattan furniture, lounge chairs, etc.). It has a lot of stretch (25% - 30% as it needs to be affixed taut) and can be applied with a standard webbing stretcher (we recommend the Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher - it will make your life easy!) and affixed with staples (see photo above). When stretched across the frame, the elastic surface gives an extremely durable, solid foundation that is very comfortable, with just the right amount of bounce and give.

Not all elasticized webbing is made of the same quality. Our elastic webbing is made by Matrix, and it is the only elastic webbing to date that has passed automotive testing and is used in passenger car seating.

Often times, when replacing old elastic webbing, it appears that the webbing width is 1.75 - 1.5 inches. That is because the webbing has stretched out to become longer and narrower or has deteriorated. The standard width of new elastic webbing is two inches wide.

Matrix Jumbo Elastic Webbing:

  • Made by Matrix, the industry leader in elastic webbing
  • Low elongation factors (10%)
  • Made of the highest quality, rubberized filaments (24 gauge, 3 per strand) polypropylene yarn) - brown in color
  • Consistently yields a high resilient, non-sagging seat
  • Width = two inches
  • Stretches a lot (25% - 30%), so be sure to measure the lengths you need and add a couple extra feet to account for stretch and doubled over edges (as illustrated in the photo above)

How to calculate how much you need:

To order the correct quantity, think of rows (width) versus columns (length). You'll need to interweave the rows and columns together to get a firm, solid seat (see the photo above)

    1. Divide the width of the seat by 2" (the width of the webbing) to determine how many rows you need to go across (ex: 14" width needs seven rows)
    2. Divide the length of the seat by 2" (the width of the webbing) to determine how many "columns" you need to go up and down (18" length needs 9 columns)
    3. Multiply the number of rows by the distance (ex: 7 rows x 14" = 98")
    4. Multiply the number of columns by the distance (ex: 9 columns x 18" = 162")
    5. Add the rows and columns together (ex: 98" + 162" = 260")
    6. Multiply the 260" by 75% (or .75) to account for the 25% stretch (100% - 25% = 75%) - ex: 260" x .75 = 195"
    7. Divide 195" by 12" to get number of feet (ex - 195"/12 = 16.25 (rounded to 17) feet
    8. Add three extra feet to account for wrapping (you'll need to wrap the webbing over itself to staple or wrap it around something - like a bar - to affix the webbing). See the affixed edges on the photo above to see how you'll need to wrap the edges. Better to be safe and order a few extra feet than to order under and be short in the middle of a project!
    9. Total amount needed: 20 feet

Important note:
Price is by the running foot, so when purchasing, (from the shopping cart) type the number of feet needed into the quantity box and click "Update Quantities."

All elastic webbing is cut-to-order and is non-returnable unless defective. Clicking on the "add to cart" button below acknowledges acceptance of non-returnable terms.

It is strongly recommended that you do not pre-cut into strips. Install and measure from the running length and cut only after you have stretched each length/section as you go.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

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