Upholstery Supplies - 75/25 Feather/Down - 10 lb. bag of 75/25 (Feathers/Down)

Now you can purchase our luxurious down and feathers in a loose form to fill what ever it is that you desire. This is a very hard to find item. These blends are the same materials used to fill our super high quality feather/down pillows.

Our feathers and down are made of the highest quality materials, and give very nice loft and shape. Make your own pillow forms in any shape you desire!

A 10-lb bag of loose Feather/Down Blend:

Why substitute when you can have the best?

  • The feathers and down are are made especially for us by a leading manufacturer of pillow forms
  • The first number (ex: 75) is the percentage of feathers, and the second number (ex: 25) is the percentage of down.
  • Down is a cluster from the underbody of waterfowl such as geese and ducks. These clusters grow under the outer protective layer of feathers. A down cluster has the overall appearance of a ripe dandelion pod. This three dimensional structure gives down the ability to loft.
  • Feather, the principal covering of birds, is of a flat, two-dimensional construction. It has a hard quill shaft from one end to the other. Down will never "mature" into feathers; they are two completely different products/materials. When mixed with down, feather pillows also loft. The higher the down content, the more loft is present.
  • Note: be sure to use an all cotton, high thread count down-proof ticking for your outer covering
  • Firmly stuffed your custom forms for high loft and spring-back
  • Superior quality

Important MUST READ note:
Due to hygienic reasons and health laws, all pillows and loose down/feathers are NOT returnable, so be sure to order carefully. Clicking the "add to cart" button for any pillow, feather/down, or down item acknowledges acceptance of the no return policy.

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75/25 Feather/Down - 10 lb. bag of 75/25 (Feathers/Down)