BEA Stapler Gun 371/16-421 (aka 71/16-421)
The leading 9mm (approx. 3/8") crown pneumatic staple gun / stapler on the market
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Important note: this professional-grade staple gun is driven by air and requires an air compressor to power it. It is not an electric staple gun.

We are direct, full-line distributors for BEA Staplers and have access to every make and model in their line, including pneumatic nailers, bradders, other staple guns - even carton closing tools. Email or call for inquiries and information.

Please note the gun does not come with the nipple connector which is show in all the photos. The nipple connector is used to connect the air hose to the back of the gun and can easily be purchased at your local hardware store or any Home Depot / Lowes / chain hardware store. BEA recommends a nipple with a thread specification of 1/4"-NPT, and we highly recommend wrapping plumber's tape around the threads of the fitting to prevent air from leaking out of the connector.

Be sure to view the images below to see exactly where and how to load the staples. Remember: this is bottom loaded, which is different from typical staple guns.

Made by the leading manufacturer of industrial-strength nailers and tackers

  • Model 371/16-421 (also known as 71/16-421)
  • The ultimate staple gun for professionals and hobbiest
  • Perfect for Upholstery and all kinds of uses/hobbies
  • 25mm (approx. 1") nose for getting into tight spaces. This nose is 1/4" longer than the older model gun (371/16-401)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Integrated silencer
  • Purchase all your steel and stainless steel staples below

  • A sturdy, light-weight German-made gun used and recommended by Professionals.

    Effortless and efficiently drive staples into the hardest woods and materials with this air (pneumatic) staple gun. Why compromise on quality and performance? BEA guns are the best on the market. Invest well in your equipment – this model out-performs, out-lasts, and beats - hands down - economy and electric models.

    • Heavy duty construction is sturdy and industrial-strength, yet…
    • Lightweight
    • Low air consumption
    • Quieter than other guns
    • Long service life minimizes down time and breakage…
    • Provides years of trouble-free service with normal maintenance and care
    • 1" nose for getting into tight spaces
    • Crown width (width of the staple) is 3/8"
    • Takes 371 / 71 series sizes (listed as staple length): 6mm (approx.1/4"), 8mm (approx. 5/16"), 10mm (approx. 3/8"), 12mm (approx. 1/2"), 14mm (approx. 9/16") and 16mm (approx. 5/8") - Purchase staples below
    • Made from finest quality materials
    • Imported from Germany
    • Rated at 75-90 PSI
    Perfect for:
    • Woodworking and Furniture making
    • Upholstery
    • Bedding
    • Speaker Grills
    • Picture frames
    • Roofing felt
    • Boat Seating
    • Any job that requires stapling

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  • Underside View with Open Chamber

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    BEA 371/16-421 (aka 71/16-421)
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    9mm crown (approx. 3/8") staples for all your needs  - Upholstery Supplies9mm crown (approx. 3/8") staples for all your needs  - Upholstery Supplies